Guided Tissue Regeneration

Procedures for enhancing and directing tissue repair and renewal processes, such as BONE REGENERATION; NERVE REGENERATION; etc. They involve surgically implanting growth conducive tracks or conduits (TISSUE SCAFFOLDING) at the damaged site to stimulate and control the location of cell repopulation. The tracks or conduits are made from synthetic and/or natural materials and may include support cells and induction factors for CELL GROWTH PROCESSES; or CELL MIGRATION.
Also Known As:
Regeneration, Guided Tissue; Tissue Regeneration, Guided
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01/01/1999 - "The conclusion was that within the limits of this study, resorbable test barrier can be used for guided tissue regeneration (GTR) in class II furcation defects with at least as good results as those achieved with non-resorbable control barrier but with the additional benefit of only one operation."
04/01/1995 - "The present experiment on guided tissue regeneration had 2 objectives namely: (i) to study if an improved anchorage of the soft tissue flaps during the initial healing period after membrane placement would reduce the tendency for soft tissue recession and allow for healing of also large furcation defects; (ii) to determine if the use of biodegradable membranes in GTR procedures may promote new attachment formation in degree III furcation defects. "
11/01/2014 - "The purpose of the study was to evaluate the efficacy of combination therapy using anorganic bovine bone graft and resorbable guided tissue regeneration (GTR) membrane versus open flap debridement alone in the management of Grade II furcation defects in mandibular molars. "
05/01/1996 - "The present longitudinal study was designed to explore the long-term efficacy of guided tissue regeneration (GTR) in Class II furcation defects and establish the factors that might be responsible for modifying this response. "
12/01/2009 - "The purpose of this study was to compare histological effectiveness of platelet pellet (PP), which has higher platelet content than platelet-rich plasma, and the combination of PP/guided tissue regeneration (GTR) for class II furcation defects in dogs. "
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