CureHunter is an Oregon, USA, corporation founded in 2003, by a team of scientists with extensive experience in medical data mining, artificial intelligence software development, computational linguistics and computational biology: A "perfect storm team" for the task of training a machine to find cures for human disease—by reading the scientific literature.


The essential mission of the company is to continuously evolve an artificial intelligence-based computer that can autonomously search for new cures for disease by reading all the known biomedical research journals and published evidence for drug development and clinical performance efficacy.

Quantified evidence for drug efficacy made accessible during the patient visit...
Evidence-Based Medicine is now possible in Real Clinical Time.

By making "the evidence" available during the patient visit, in real clinical time, it is our hope that more patients will get well faster, with fewer side effects, and that the cost of the best care can be lowered by reducing recurrent visits to change ineffective or adverse meds.

For seamless clinical workflow usage, CureHunter evidence data can be directly integrated into your EMR systems such as Epic, GE Centricity, and VA CPRS. Universities and research organizations can take advantage of data export with powerful tools from the SAS Institute, Mathematica, Salford and original data modeling systems.

But most of all our mission is to help people get well by offering both patients and physicians the opportunity to get a "machine 2nd opinion" on all complex drug decisions—and whenever possible to predict agents of hope and promise for currently incurable illness.

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