The CureHunter Discovery Engine is the world's only fully unified and integrated numeric index of all known drugs, biologically active agents, diseases and empirical statements of all effective clinical outcomes published in the United States National Library of Medicine.

The engine you are accessing online right now computes: 121,000 drug and biological agent data points X 11,600 diseases X 15,000,000 peer-reviewed research articles X several hundred thousand additional variables of Gene, Protein, Enzyme, Hormone, Growth Factor, Ligand, Kinase, Receptor, Inhibitor and other important small biologically active molecules.

The CureHunter Engine essentially defines the Clinical Outcome in cross-comparable numerical weights for all successful agents and allows discovery clustering and pattern finding that illuminate both pathogeneses and cures.

The CureHunter Discovery Engine also provides the computational backbone for all our products both online and enterprise services:

CureHunter Patient-Physician Summary Report

Download Sample PDF Report
Patient-Physician Research Summary Report on "Psoriasis"
Patient-Physician Research Summary Reports
Features and Benefits
  • Basis for discussion with your physician
  • Find new treatment options
  • Understand related diseases
  • Clarify diagnosis with your doctor
  • Become knowledgeable about your illness
  • Know your choices
  • Get objective un-biased drug information
  • Find lower-cost options
  • Easy to print PDF format
  • Automated Meta-Analysis with citations
  • Rapid way to update your expertise
  • Back-up your drug decisions with published evidence
  • Prescribe more effectively and safely
  • Quickly read original source document with NLM links
  • Charts and graphs to visualize trends
  • Hard-copy for reading on the go
  • 50 years of research at your fingertips
  • Automatic summary of all clinical outcomes
  • Quickly read original source document with NLM links
  • Fully quantified in charts and graphs
  • Simplifies pre-publication meta-analysis
  • Quickly check prior art

CureHunter Patient-Physician Summary Reports are part of CureHunter's Disease-Specific Monograph Series summarizing the clinical and biomedical research information on over 11,600 diseases in one easy to read document for each disease.

Each monograph has automatically extracted all the exact statements of specific clinical outcome achieved by any drug against the subject disease. Each monograph also charts and graphs optimal medications and all the important biological agents that are associated with the key clinical outcome. Related diseases are also graphed to clarify syndromes and complications of the primary illness or give insight to comorbidity.

Statements from both simple observational reports in clinic are included along with outcome statements from all formal clinical trials and studies.

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CureHunter Professional Research Interface

CureHunter Professional Access for Independent Physicians, International Users, Private Individuals and other Certified Prescribing Personnel such as NPs and PAs:

CureHunter Research Interface Screenshot
Research Interface facilitating in-clinic practice of Evidence Based Medicine
CureHunter Interactive Network Graph Screenshot
Interactive network graph display of related "hub-drugs", diseases and therapies
CureHunter Mobile Interface
Take All the Research with you, access from your web enabled Phone or PDA
CureHunter Research Interface
Features and Benefits
  • Quickly find most effective medications
  • Check related diseases
  • Check relative effectiveness of medications
  • Help finding second-line options
  • Rotational med options for chronic patients
  • Off-label options for terminal patients
  • Update your knowledge
  • Instant pop-up biomedical dictionaries clarify canon
  • NLM links, quickly get the whole report
Formulary and
Care Quality
Assurance Groups
  • Comprehensive Meta-Analysis
  • Optimize patient outcomes
  • Minimize adverse events and improve safety
  • Reduce recurring visits and tests
  • Choose optimal alternates and rotational meds
  • Quantify evidence for off-label use in seconds
  • Enable SOP for practice of Evidence-Based Medicine
  • Lower patient cost while maximizing effectiveness
  • Find potential new cures
  • Quickly find new developments and research
  • Quickly find papers with positive outcomes for X drug and Y disease
  • NLM links, instantly backtrack from data to source research

If your institution subscribes for a site license, data is preformatted for 1-click exporting into other tools like Excel, SAS, Mathematica, R, Oracle or your office databases and record systems. Charting and graphing of the best medications is only a couple of clicks. Compare a dozen cancer protocols or rotational meds for performance in seconds.

Importing drug performance data into external Statistical Analysis packages can often help you optimize your prescribing behavior to improve patient outcome rates while lowering total drug costs. When applied in large public health settings, many millions of dollars can be saved every year while overall quality of care is increased.

And, most importantly, we believe CureHunter is the only fully automated medication research tool that actually calculates the relative performance of all drugs against a specific disease target—thus giving you the best evidence possible for critical medication decisions.

Exporting all key evidence statements also allows you to read in about 5 minutes all the state of the art drug findings for any disease and rapidly allows you to review almost every study of merit for the illnesses you manage.

CureHunter Institution Site Licenses

CureHunter University, Pharmaceutical Research and Healthcare Institution Site Licenses offer all the professional subscriber features at discounted rates based on your volume of users.

Public Health, Formulary Committees, Professors, Students, Pharm.D. and Biomed researchers all find CureHunter an invaluable tool for evidence-based research usable in clinical practice as well as drug discovery and development research.

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