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Real-Time Evidence Based Medicine
Clinical Decision Support

CureHunter is the only fully integrated scientific search, data retrieval and analysis engine on the web that can read the entire US National Library of Medicine Medline Archive and automatically extract and quantify the evidence for successful clinical outcomes of all known drugs for all known human diseases.
  • For patients we provide low-cost Summary PDF Reports with all drug evidence for all known cures or symptom improvement
  • For medical professionals CureHunter on-line access delivers decision support in 10-20 seconds of real clinical time to make an evidence check as SOP as a BP or Temp
  • For pharma research scientists we offer powerful data export functions that deliver over 6.5 million specific clinical outcome records to new drug discovery software

Tracking: 4,582 diseases, 207,141 drugs and biological agents, 1,224 therapeutic techniques and 1,416 pharmaceutical companies