Congener of CYTARABINE that is metabolized to cytarabine and thereby maintains a more constant antineoplastic action.
Also Known As:
Cyclo-C; NSC-145,668; NSC-145668; U-33,624A; U-33624A; Cyclo C; CycloC; NSC 145,668; NSC 145668; NSC145,668; NSC145668; U 33,624A; U 33624A; U33,624A; U33624A; Anhydro-Ara-C; Cyclocytidine; 6H-Furo(2',3':4,5)oxazolo(3,2-a)pyrimidine-2-methanol, 2,3,3a,9a-tetrahydro-3-hydroxy-6-imino-, (2R-(2alpha,3beta,3abeta,9abeta))-
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