Thyroid Hormone Receptors alpha

High affinity receptors for THYROID HORMONES, especially TRIIODOTHYRONINE. These receptors are usually found in the nucleus where they regulate DNA transcription. They are encoded by the THRA gene (also known as NR1A1, THRA1, ERBA or ERBA1 gene) as several isoforms produced by alternative splicing.
Also Known As:
ERBA1 Gene Products; NR1A1 Gene Products; THRA Gene Products; Thyroid Hormone Receptor alpha-1; Thyroid Hormone Receptor alpha-2; c-erb A Protein; c-erb A Proteins; c-erbA Proteins; c-erbA alpha; c-erbA alpha Protein; c-erbA-1 Protein; Gene Products, ERBA1; Gene Products, NR1A1; Gene Products, THRA; Proto Oncogene Proteins c erbA; Proto-Oncogene Products, erbA; Thyroid Hormone Receptor alpha 1; Thyroid Hormone Receptor alpha 2; c erb A Protein; c erb A Proteins; c erbA 1 Protein; c erbA Protein; c erbA Proteins; c erbA alpha; c erbA alpha Protein; c-erbA, Proto-Oncogene Proteins; erbA Proto Oncogene Products; Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-erbA; Receptors alpha, Thyroid Hormone; c-erbA Protein; erbA Proto-Oncogene Products
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