Cytidine Monophosphate N-Acetylneuraminic Acid

A nucleoside monophosphate sugar which donates N-acetylneuraminic acid to the terminal sugar of a ganglioside or glycoprotein.
Also Known As:
CMP-Sialic Acid; Cytidine Monophosphate N Acetylneuraminic Acid; Acetylneuraminic Acid, CMP; Acid, CMP Acetylneuraminic; Acid, CMP-Sialic; CMP Sialic Acid; CMP Acetylneuraminic Acid; CMP-NANA; D-glycero-beta-D-galacto-2-Nonulopyranosonic acid, 5-(acetylamino)-3,5-dideoxy-, 2-(hydrogen 5'-cytidylate)
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Related Diseases

1. Infection
08/15/1994 - "As a result of a series of elegant and in depth studies, Smith and Parsons and their colleagues showed that growth in CMP-NANA confers on the gonococcus a high degree of phenotypic (readily reversible) serum resistance and that CMP-NANA is available in vivo at sites of gonococcal infection and disease; gonococci become covalently coated with sialic acid and they become serum resistant (reviewed in refs. "
10/01/1980 - "Endogenous replacement of receptors by the cell occurred slowly but supported maximal levels of infection within 6 hr. In contrast, sialylation during a 20-min incubation with CMP-sialic acid and beta-galactoside alpha 2,3-sialytransferase restored full susceptibility to infection. "
09/05/2006 - "Characterization of this new baculovirus vector showed that it induced high levels of intracellular CMP-sialic acid and sialylation of the recombinant N-glycoprotein upon infection of SfSWT-1 cells cultured in serum-free medium supplemented with N-acetylmannosamine. "
09/05/2006 - "To eliminate this requirement and extend the utility of SfSWT-1 cells, we have isolated a new baculovirus vector, AcSWT-7B, designed to express two mammalian enzymes that can convert N-acetylmannosamine to CMP-sialic acid during the early phase of infection. "
09/01/1985 - "Cells were treated with sialidase to remove sialic acid and render them resistant to infection and were then incubated with sialyltransferase and CMP-sialic acid to restore sialic acid in the SA alpha 2,6Gal or SA alpha 2,3Gal linkages. "
2. Sialic Acid Storage Disease (Salla Disease)
3. Colorectal Neoplasms (Colorectal Cancer)
4. Neoplasms (Cancer)
5. Leukemia

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