Bed-like structures for transporting or temporarily holding patients.
Also Known As:
Ambulance Stretchers; Emergency Room Stretchers; Gurneys; Patient Litters; Patient Trolleys; Rescue Stretchers; Wheeled Stretchers; Ambulance Stretcher; Emergency Room Stretcher; Gurney; Holding Stretcher, Patient; Holding Stretchers, Patient; Litter, Patient; Litters, Patient; Patient Holding Stretcher; Patient Litter; Patient Trolley; Rescue Stretcher; Room Stretcher, Emergency; Room Stretchers, Emergency; Stretcher, Ambulance; Stretcher, Emergency Room; Stretcher, Patient Holding; Stretcher, Rescue; Stretcher, Wheeled; Stretchers, Ambulance; Stretchers, Emergency Room; Stretchers, Patient Holding; Stretchers, Rescue; Stretchers, Wheeled; Trolley, Patient; Trolleys, Patient; Wheeled Stretcher; Patient Holding Stretchers
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