Compression Bandages

Strips of elastic material used to apply pressure to body parts to control EDEMA and aid circulation.
Also Known As:
Compression Bandage; Compression Wraps; Elastic Bandages; Elastic Compression Wraps; Bandage, Compression; Bandage, Elastic; Bandages, Compression; Bandages, Elastic; Compression Wrap; Compression Wrap, Elastic; Compression Wraps, Elastic; Elastic Bandage; Elastic Compression Wrap; Wrap, Compression; Wrap, Elastic Compression; Wraps, Compression; Wraps, Elastic Compression
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01/01/1999 - "Preliminary results from an ongoing randomised trial comparing bed-rest, compression bandages and compression stockings in the acute phase of proximal DVT demonstrate faster improvement of swelling and of pain in the compression-groups. "
01/01/2015 - "The use of a short-stretch, inelastic compression bandage is hypothesised to reduce knee swelling and improve pain and early function. "
10/01/2012 - "Major results include identification of patient characteristics to predict length of stay and satisfaction with different aspects of the hospital stay (I); how to optimize analgesia by using a compression bandage in total knee arthroplasty (II); the clinical and organizational set-up facilitating or acting as barriers for early discharge (III); safety aspects following fast-track in the form of few readmissions in general (IV) and few thromboembolic complications in particular (V); feasibility studies showing excellent outcomes following fast-track bilateral simultaneous total knee arthroplasty (VI) and non-septic revision knee arthroplasty (VII); how acute pain relief in total hip arthroplasty is not enhanced by the use of local infiltration analgesia when multi-modal opioid-sparing analgesia is given (VIII); and a detailed description of which clinical and organizational factors detain patients in hospital following fast-track hip and knee arthroplasty (IX). "
06/15/2012 - "Patients should wear a lace-up ankle support or an air stirrup brace combined with an elastic compression wrap to reduce swelling and pain, speed recovery, and protect the injured ligaments as they become more mobile. "
11/01/2009 - "Elastic bandages may induce pain or purpuric lesions. "

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