Solid-State Lasers

Lasers which use a solid, as opposed to a liquid or gas, as the lasing medium. Common materials used are crystals, such as YAG (YTTRIUM aluminum garnet); alexandrite; and CORUNDUM, doped with a rare earth element such as a NEODYMIUM; ERBIUM; or HOLMIUM. The output is sometimes additionally modified by addition of non-linear optical materials such as potassium titanyl phosphate crystal, which for example is used with neodymium YAG lasers to convert the output light to the visible range.
Also Known As:
Lasers, Solid-State; Erbium YAG Lasers; Holmium Lasers; KTP Lasers; Lasers, Alexandrite; Lasers, Diode Pumped Solid State; Lasers, Er-YAG; Lasers, Erbium-Doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet; Lasers, Ho-YAG; Lasers, Holmium Doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet; Lasers, Nd-YAG; Lasers, Neodymium-Doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet; Lasers, Ruby; Lasers, YAG; Lasers, Yttrium Aluminum Garnet; Lasers, Yttrium-Lithium-Fluoride; Potassium Titanyl Phosphate Lasers; Yttrium Aluminum Garnet Lasers; Alexandrite Laser; Er YAG Lasers; Er-YAG Laser; Erbium Doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet Lasers; Erbium YAG Laser; Ho YAG Laser; Ho-YAG Laser; Ho-YAG Lasers; Holmium Laser; Holmium YAG Lasers; Holmium-YAG Laser; KTP Laser; Laser, Alexandrite; Laser, Er-YAG; Laser, Erbium YAG; Laser, Ho YAG; Laser, Ho-YAG; Laser, Holmium; Laser, Holmium-YAG; Laser, KTP; Laser, Nd-YAG; Laser, Ruby; Laser, Solid-State; Laser, YAG; Laser, YLF; Laser, YSGG; Laser, Yttrium-Lithium-Fluoride; Laser, Yttrium-Scandium-Gallium Garnet; Lasers, Er YAG; Lasers, Erbium Doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet; Lasers, Erbium YAG; Lasers, Ho YAG; Lasers, Holmium; Lasers, Holmium-YAG; Lasers, KTP; Lasers, Nd YAG; Lasers, Neodymium Doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet; Lasers, Solid State; Lasers, YLF; Lasers, YSGG; Lasers, Yttrium Lithium Fluoride; Lasers, Yttrium-Scandium-Gallium Garnet; Nd YAG Lasers; Nd-YAG Laser; Neodymium Doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet Lasers; Ruby Laser; Solid-State Laser; YAG Laser; YAG Laser, Erbium; YAG Laser, Ho; YAG Lasers, Erbium; YAG Lasers, Ho; YLF Laser; YSGG Laser; Yttrium Lithium Fluoride Lasers; Yttrium Scandium Gallium Garnet Lasers; Yttrium-Lithium-Fluoride Laser; Yttrium-Scandium-Gallium Garnet Laser; Alexandrite Lasers; Diode Pumped Solid State Lasers; Er-YAG Lasers; Erbium-Doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet Lasers; Ho YAG Lasers; Holmium Doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet Lasers; Holmium-YAG Lasers; Nd-YAG Lasers; Neodymium-Doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet Lasers; Ruby Lasers; YAG Lasers; YLF Lasers; YSGG Lasers; Yttrium-Lithium-Fluoride Lasers; Yttrium-Scandium-Gallium Garnet Lasers
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