Interferon alpha-beta Receptor (Receptor, Interferon alpha beta)

A ubiquitously expressed heterodimeric receptor that is specific for both INTERFERON-ALPHA and INTERFERON-BETA. It is composed of two subunits referred to as IFNAR1 and IFNAR2. The IFNAR2 subunit is believed to serve as the ligand-binding chain; however both chains are required for signal transduction. The interferon alpha-beta receptor signals through the action of JANUS KINASES such as the TYK2 KINASE.
Also Known As:
Receptor, Interferon alpha beta; Receptor, Interferon alpha-beta; IFN-alphaR; IFN-alphabetaR; IFNAR1 Subunit, Interferon alpha-beta Receptor; IFNAR2 Subunit, Interferon alpha-beta Receptor; IFNAR2.1 Subunit, Interferon alpha-beta Receptor; IFNAR2.2 Subunit, Interferon alpha-beta Receptor; Interferon alpha Receptor; Interferon alpha Receptors; Interferon alpha-beta Receptor Chain 1; Interferon alpha-beta Receptor Chain 2; Interferon alpha-beta Receptor IFNAR1 Subunit; Interferon alpha-beta Receptor IFNAR2 Subunit; Interferon alpha-beta Receptor-1; Interferon alpha-beta Receptor-2; Interferon alphabeta Receptors; Receptor, Interferon alpha; Type I Interferon Receptor; IFN alphabetaR; IFNAR1 Subunit, Interferon alpha beta Receptor; IFNAR2 Subunit, Interferon alpha beta Receptor; IFNAR2.1 Subunit, Interferon alpha beta Receptor; IFNAR2.2 Subunit, Interferon alpha beta Receptor; Interferon alpha beta Receptor; Interferon alpha beta Receptor 1; Interferon alpha beta Receptor 2; Interferon alpha beta Receptor Chain 1; Interferon alpha beta Receptor Chain 2; Interferon alpha beta Receptor IFNAR1 Subunit; Interferon alpha beta Receptor IFNAR2 Subunit; Receptor-1, Interferon alpha-beta; Receptor-2, Interferon alpha-beta; Receptors, Interferon alpha; Receptors, Interferon alphabeta; alpha Receptor, Interferon; alpha Receptors, Interferon; alpha-beta Receptor-1, Interferon; alpha-beta Receptor-2, Interferon
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