Hereditary Mucosal Leukokeratosis

An autosomal dominant disorder that is manifested by thickened spongiform ORAL MUCOSA with a white opalescent tint. Other MUCOSAL TISSUE may also be involved mucosa found in the VAGINA; RECTUM, and NASAL CAVITY may be similarly involved. This form of LEUKOKERATOSIS can be caused by a mutation in the gene for KERATIN 4 and is not considered a PRENEOPLASTIC CONDITION.
Also Known As:
Leukokeratosis, Hereditary Mucosal; Hereditary Mucosal Leukokeratoses; Leukokeratoses, Hereditary Mucosal; Mucosal Leukokeratoses, Hereditary; Mucosal Leukokeratosis, Hereditary; White Sponge Nevus of Cannon
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