Diabetes Complications

Conditions or pathological processes associated with the disease of diabetes mellitus. Due to the impaired control of BLOOD GLUCOSE level in diabetic patients, pathological processes develop in numerous tissues and organs including the EYE, the KIDNEY, the BLOOD VESSELS, and the NERVE TISSUE.
Also Known As:
Complications of Diabetes Mellitus; Diabetes-Related Complications; Diabetic Complications; Diabetes Complication; Diabetes Mellitus Complication; Diabetes Mellitus Complications; Diabetes Related Complications; Diabetes-Related Complication; Diabetic Complication
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1. Hyperglycemia
2. Inflammation
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Drugs and Biologics

Drugs and Important Biological Agents (IBA) related to Diabetes Complications:
1. Insulin (Novolin)FDA Link
2. Glucose (Dextrose)FDA LinkGeneric
3. Aldehyde Reductase (Aldose Reductase)IBA
4. Blood Glucose (Blood Sugar)IBA
5. Streptozocin (Streptozotocin)FDA Link
6. AntioxidantsIBA
7. Metformin (Glucophage)FDA LinkGeneric
8. Proteins (Proteins, Gene)IBA
9. Hemoglobins (Hemoglobin)IBA
10. C-PeptideIBA

Therapies and Procedures

1. Transplantation (Transplant Recipients)
2. Transplants (Transplant)
3. Injections
01/01/2015 - "Numerous barriers lead to delay in initiating injectable treatment, which, in turn, may lead to inadequate glycemic control and increased risk of diabetes-related complications, underscoring the need to understand and address these barriers. "
01/01/1989 - "Though currently more costly than subcutaneous insulin injections, the convenience of implantable pump therapy and the potential for reduction of diabetic complications through improved metabolic control may make it the treatment of choice in the future."
09/01/2002 - "The DCCT study has clearly shown intensive insulin treatment (3 or more insulin injections per day) to be superior to conventional regimen (one or 2 insulin injections per day) to reduce the risk for development (primary prevention) of late diabetic complications. "
01/01/2013 - "Among T2DM subjects in the primary care setting, impairments in the physical aspect of HRQOL were evident in subjects who were obese or had diabetic complications whereas defects in the mental aspect of HRQOL were observed in patients with lower BMI or receiving insulin injections."
01/01/2007 - "The demonstrated role of the tight control of hyperglycaemia for the prevention of long-term diabetic complications has reoriented the goals of insulin supply toward the search for restoration of the effects of physiological insulin secretion rather than the simple survival of insulin deficient patients and the reduction in the number of daily insulin injections to be performed. "
4. Pancreas Transplantation
5. Kidney Transplantation