Galanin Receptors (Galanin Receptor)

A family of G-protein-coupled receptors that are specific for GALANIN and galanin peptides. They are generally considered to be coupled to the GI, INHIBITORY G-PROTEIN to meditate the neurological effects of galanin. Several subtypes of galanin receptors occur with differing specificities for the full length galanin, galanin peptide fragments, and galanin-like peptide.
Also Known As:
Galanin Receptor; Receptors, Galanin; Receptor, Galanin
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12/01/2011 - "In this review, we summarize recent findings that reveal the essential role of galanin in increasing food intake as well as body weight and that identify the individual galanin receptor subtypes involved in the brain's modulation of food intake and energy expenditure, to provide a theoretical basis for further studies of different aspects of galanin action."
01/01/2004 - "The goal of these experiments was to determine whether galanin receptors mediate the effects of central GALP administration on food intake, body weight, and luteinizing hormone (LH) secretion in the mouse. "
04/12/2002 - "Thus, while numerous studies have revealed the ability of galanin to stimulate food intake via actions at sites within the hypothalamus, and shown reliable changes in hypothalamic galanin synthesis in response to food ingestion; findings including the lack of a 'body weight/obesity' phenotype in galanin transgenic mouse strains and a lack of agonists/antagonists for galanin receptor subtypes have probably served to reduce enthusiasm. "
12/21/1998 - "This article briefly reviews some important recent studies of the electrophysiologic effects of galanin on magno-cellular neurons in vitro; regulation of galanin expression by the physiologic stimulus of lactation; the role of parvocellular galanin systems in energy balance, body weight, and obesity; and the regional and cellular localization of galanin and galanin receptor mRNAs in the PVN/SON. "
04/12/2002 - "Galanin/GALP and galanin receptors: role in central control of feeding, body weight/obesity and reproduction?"
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