Protein Structural Homology

The degree of 3-dimensional shape similarity between proteins. It can be an indication of distant AMINO ACID SEQUENCE HOMOLOGY and used for rational DRUG DESIGN.
Also Known As:
Structural Homology, Protein; 3-D Homologs, Protein; 3-D Homology, Protein; 3-Dimensional Homologs, Protein; 3-Dimensional Homology, Protein; Homologs, 3-D, Protein; Homologs, 3-Dimensional, Protein; Homologs, Sturctural, Protein; Protein Structural Homologs; Structural Homologs, Protein; 3 D Homologs, Protein; 3 D Homology, Protein; 3 Dimensional Homologs, Protein; 3 Dimensional Homology, Protein; 3-D Homolog, Protein; 3-D Homologies, Protein; 3-Dimensional Homolog, Protein; 3-Dimensional Homologies, Protein; Homolog, Protein 3-D; Homolog, Protein 3-Dimensional; Homolog, Protein Structural; Homologies, Protein 3-D; Homologies, Protein 3-Dimensional; Homologies, Protein Structural; Homologs, Protein 3-D; Homologs, Protein 3-Dimensional; Homologs, Protein Structural; Homology, Protein 3-D; Homology, Protein 3-Dimensional; Homology, Protein Structural; Protein 3-D Homolog; Protein 3-D Homologies; Protein 3-D Homologs; Protein 3-D Homology; Protein 3-Dimensional Homolog; Protein 3-Dimensional Homologies; Protein 3-Dimensional Homologs; Protein 3-Dimensional Homology; Protein Structural Homolog; Protein Structural Homologies; Structural Homolog, Protein; Structural Homologies, Protein
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