Ephrin-B3 (Ephrin B3)

A transmembrane domain containing ephrin. Although originally found to be specific for the EPHB3 RECEPTOR it has since been shown to bind a variety of EPH FAMILY RECEPTORS. During embryogenesis ephrin-B3 is expressed at high levels in the ventral neural tube. In adult tissues, it is found primarily in the BRAIN and HEART.
Also Known As:
Ephrin B3; EFNB3; EPLG8 Gene Product; LERK-8; LERK-8 Protein; Gene Product, EPLG8; LERK 8 Protein
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01/01/2015 - "Moreover, heparin was shown to bind to ephrin-B3 and to restrain infection of permissive cells in vitro. "
10/01/2011 - "We propose a model whereby SIV infection triggers events that lead to induction of GAP-43 and ephrin B3, and that short-term cART results in increased magnitude of repair mechanisms especially in the hippocampus, a region known for high levels of adult plasticity."
10/01/2011 - "We examined whether the improvement of neuronal metabolism with combined anti-retroviral therapy (cART) after simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) infection in rhesus macaques involved induction of GAP-43, also known as neuromodulin, and ephrin B3, both implicated in axonal pathfinding during neurodevelopment and regulation of synapse formation, neuronal plasticity, and repair in adult brain. "
10/01/2011 - "Here we demonstrate that (1) GAP-43 mRNA and protein are induced with SIV infection, (2) GAP-43 protein is higher in the hippocampus outer molecular layer in SIV-infected animals that received cART compared to those that did not, and (3) activated microglia and infiltrating SIV-infected macrophages express abundant ephrin B3, an important axonal guidance molecule. "
03/15/2008 - "To determine whether host receptor molecules play a role in species-specific and/or virus-specific infection we have cloned and characterized ephrin-B2 and ephrin-B3 ligands from a range of species, including human, horse, pig, cat, dog, bats (Pteropus alecto and Pteropus vampyrus) and mouse. "
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