Hepatitis A Antibodies

Antibodies to the HEPATITIS A ANTIGENS including antibodies to envelope, core, and non-structural proteins.
Also Known As:
Anti-HAV; Anti HAV; Antibodies, Hepatitis A; Hepatitis A Virus Antibodies
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09/01/2015 - "BackgroundRural populations present an elevated risk of exposure to hepatitis A virus.ObjectiveThe objective of this study was to estimate the prevalence and risk factors associated with hepatitis A virus infection among residents of rural settlement projects of southwest Goiás, Central Brazil.MethodsA total of 466 residents were interviewed and tested for the detection of anti- hepatitis A virus antibodies by ELISA.ResultsThe global prevalence of anti- hepatitis A virus was 82.2%. "
12/01/2004 - "Lifelong immunity is conferred by infection or vaccination, so anti-HAV seroprevalence studies can be used to indicate which populations are susceptible to infection. "
06/01/2002 - "Our study, comparing with previous reports from other parts in Thailand, indicates a steady decline of anti-HAV prevalence among schoolchildren in Chiang Mai area, and discussed a possibility of an outbreak of HAV infection among urban schoolchildren."
01/01/1992 - "Studies of active and passive immunoprophylaxis were carried out in chimpanzees to determine whether a candidate hepatitis A virus (HAV) vaccine could stimulate antibody to HAV (anti-HAV) that was qualitatively similar to anti-HAV stimulated by natural infection. "
01/01/1983 - "Our studies to date have focused most heavily on the development of a live, attenuated HAV vaccine, although we have also made a prototype killed HAV vaccine form infected marmoset liver which induced anti-HAV and solid immunity to infection in marmosets. "
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