The reproductive organs of plants.
Also Known As:
Anther, Plant; Carpal, Plant; Carpals, Plant; Filament, Flower; Flower Filament; Ovary, Plant; Petals, Plant; Plant Anther; Plant Calyx; Plant Carpals; Plant Corolla; Plant Ovary; Plant Petals; Plant Sepals; Plant Stamen; Plant Stigma; Sepals, Plant; Stamen, Plant; Stigma, Plant; Style, Plant; Anthers, Plant; Bloom, Plant; Blossom; Calyx, Plant; Calyxs, Plant; Corolla, Plant; Corollas, Plant; Filaments, Flower; Flower; Flower Filaments; Ovaries, Plant; Petal, Plant; Pistils; Plant Anthers; Plant Bloom; Plant Blooms; Plant Calyxs; Plant Carpal; Plant Corollas; Plant Ovaries; Plant Petal; Plant Sepal; Plant Stamens; Plant Stigmas; Plant Styles; Sepal, Plant; Stamens, Plant; Stigmas, Plant; Styles, Plant; Blooms, Plant; Blossoms; Pistil; Plant Style
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