Limb Salvage

An alternative to AMPUTATION, SURGICAL in patients with neoplasms, ischemia, fractures, and other limb-threatening conditions. Generally, sophisticated surgical procedures such as vascular surgery and reconstruction are used to salvage diseased limbs.
Also Known As:
Salvage, Limb
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12/01/2003 - "The best TcpO(2) parameters to predict the efficacy of spinal cord stimulation to improve limb salvage in patients with inoperable critical leg ischemia."
01/01/1996 - "The limb salvage rate for patients with limb-threatening ischemia was 98% at a mean follow-up of 14 months +/- 7. Technical success and complication rates for percutaneous iliac artery revascularization with use of Wallstents are favorable, symptoms improved in the majority of patients, and excellent secondary patency can be achieved. "
10/16/2020 - "Injecting the CM collected from ps-TNC treated hADSCs into the mouse hindlimb ischemia model (ps-TNC-CM group) showed significantly improved angiogenesis in the lesions, with improved limb salvage and decreased muscle degeneration compared to the group injected with CM collected from normal hADSCs (CM group). "
04/01/2014 - "Compared with injection of either monolayer culture CM or human ADSC, injection of spheroid culture CM to an ischemic region in mice significantly enhanced endothelial cell growth, CD34(+)/PTPRC(-) (endothelial progenitor) cell mobilization from bone marrow, and bone marrow cell homing to the ischemic region, resulting in improved blood vessel density, limb salvage, and blood perfusion in a mouse hindlimb ischemia model. "
09/01/2005 - "At 12 months, the secondary patency and limb salvage rates were, respectively, 87.5+/-8.9 and 100% in group I and 87.5+/-8.93 and 94.45+/-6.71% in group II. Treatment of SFA occlusive lesions (excluding TASC D lesions) with the Hemobahn covered stent yielded good results for both claudicants with good outflow and patients with critical or acute ischemia with bad outflow, if concomitant outflow-improving procedures were performed."
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