Moclobemide (Arima)

A reversible inhibitor of monoamine oxidase type A; (RIMA); (see MONOAMINE OXIDASE INHIBITORS) that has antidepressive properties.
Also Known As:
Arima; Aurorix; Manerix; 1A Brand of Moclobemide; Alphapharm Brand of Moclobemide; Alpharma Brand of Moclobemide; Apo-Moclobemide; Apotex Brand of Moclobemide; Aurorex; Azupharma Brand of Moclobemide; BC Brand of Moclobemide; Bull Brand of Moclobemide; Chem mart Brand of Moclobemide; Chem mart Moclobemide; DBL Moclobemide; Deprenorm; Faulding Brand of Moclobemide; Feraken; GenRX Moclobemide; Healthsense Brand of Moclobemide; Healthsense Moclobemide; Hexal Brand of Moclobemide; Hoffmann-La Roche Brand of Moclobemide; Kendrick Brand of Moclobemide; Merck dura Brand of Moclobemide; Moclamine; Moclix; Moclobamide; Moclobemid AZU; Moclobemid Stada; Moclobemid von ct; Moclobemid-1A Pharma; Moclobemid-Puren; Moclobemid-ratiopharm; Moclobeta; Moclodura; Moclonorm; Novo-Moclobemide; Novopharm Brand of Moclobemide; Nu-Moclobemide; Nu-Pharm Brand of Moclobemide; PMS-Moclobemide; Pharmascience Brand of Moclobemide; Rimoc; Ro 11-1163; Ro-11-1163; Roche Brand of Moclobemide; Stadapharm Brand of Moclobemide; Temmler Brand of Moclobemide; Terry White Chemists Brand of Moclobemide; Terry White Chemists Moclobemide; betapharm Brand of Moclobemide; ct-Arzneimittel Brand of Moclobemide; esparma Brand of Moclobemide; ratiopharm Brand of Moclobemide; AZU, Moclobemid; Apo Moclobemide; Hoffmann La Roche Brand of Moclobemide; Moclobemid 1A Pharma; Moclobemid Puren; Moclobemid ratiopharm; Moclobemid1A Pharma; Moclobemide 1A Brand; Moclobemide Alphapharm Brand; Moclobemide Alpharma Brand; Moclobemide Apotex Brand; Moclobemide Azupharma Brand; Moclobemide BC Brand; Moclobemide Bull Brand; Moclobemide Faulding Brand; Moclobemide Healthsense Brand; Moclobemide Hexal Brand; Moclobemide Kendrick Brand; Moclobemide Novopharm Brand; Moclobemide Nu-Pharm Brand; Moclobemide Pharmascience Brand; Moclobemide Roche Brand; Moclobemide Stadapharm Brand; Moclobemide Temmler Brand; Moclobemide betapharm Brand; Moclobemide ct-Arzneimittel Brand; Moclobemide esparma Brand; Moclobemide ratiopharm Brand; Moclobemide, Chem mart; Moclobemide, DBL; Moclobemide, GenRX; Moclobemide, Healthsense; Novo Moclobemide; NovoMoclobemide; Nu Moclobemide; Nu Pharm Brand of Moclobemide; NuMoclobemide; PMS Moclobemide; Ro 11 1163; Stada, Moclobemid; ct Arzneimittel Brand of Moclobemide; von ct, Moclobemid; Benzamide, 4-Chloro-N-(2-(4-morpholinyl)ethyl)-
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