Abducens Nerve Diseases (Sixth Nerve Palsy)

Diseases of the sixth cranial (abducens) nerve or its nucleus in the pons. The nerve may be injured along its course in the pons, intracranially as it travels along the base of the brain, in the cavernous sinus, or at the level of superior orbital fissure or orbit. Dysfunction of the nerve causes lateral rectus muscle weakness, resulting in horizontal diplopia that is maximal when the affected eye is abducted and ESOTROPIA. Common conditions associated with nerve injury include INTRACRANIAL HYPERTENSION; CRANIOCEREBRAL TRAUMA; ISCHEMIA; and INFRATENTORIAL NEOPLASMS.
Also Known As:
Sixth Nerve Palsy; 6th Nerve Palsy; Abducens Nerve Palsy; Benign Recurrent Abducens Palsy of Childhood; Benign Recurrent Abducens Palsy, Children; Cranial Nerve VI Palsy; Sixth Cranial Nerve Diseases; Sixth Cranial Nerve Palsy; VI Nerve Palsy; VIth Cranial Nerve Diseases; 6th Nerve Palsies; Abducens Nerve Disease; Abducens Nerve Palsies; Lateral Rectus Palsies; Nerve Palsies, 6th; Nerve Palsies, VI; Nerve Palsy, 6th; Nerve Palsy, VI; Palsies, 6th Nerve; Palsies, Abducens Nerve; Palsies, Lateral Rectus; Palsies, Sixth Nerve; Palsies, VI Nerve; Palsy, 6th Nerve; Palsy, Abducens Nerve; Palsy, Lateral Rectus; Palsy, Sixth Nerve; Palsy, VI Nerve; Sixth Nerve Palsies; Abducens Palsy, Childhood, Benign Recurrent; Cranial Nerve VI Diseases; Lateral Rectus Palsy; Sixth Cranial Nerve Disorders
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Drugs and Biologics

Drugs and Important Biological Agents (IBA) related to Abducens Nerve Diseases:
1. Botulinum Toxins (Botulinum Toxin)IBA
2. Type A Botulinum Toxins (Botulinum A Toxin)FDA Link
3. Acetazolamide (Diamox)FDA LinkGeneric
4. EVAC protocol (CAVE)IBA
5. Iopamidol (Isovue)FDA LinkGeneric
6. onabotulinumtoxinA (Botox)FDA Link
7. Nasopharyngeal carcinomaIBA
8. Duane anomalyIBA
9. Vincristine (Oncovin)FDA LinkGeneric
10. Alternating hemiplegia of childhoodIBA

Therapies and Procedures

1. Sutures (Suture)
2. Epidural Blood Patch
3. Oral Administration
4. Anesthesia
5. Catheters