Traumatic Brain Stem Hemorrhage

Bleeding into structures of BRAIN STEM, including the MIDBRAIN; PONS; or MEDULLA OBLONGATA, as the result of CRANIOCEREBRAL TRAUMA. DIFFUSE AXONAL INJURY is commonly associated. Clinical manifestations may include OCULAR MOTILITY DISORDERS; ATAXIA; PARALYSIS; PERSISTENT VEGETATIVE STATE; and COMA.
Also Known As:
Brain Stem Hemorrhage, Traumatic; Brain Stem Hematoma, Traumatic; Brain Stem Hemorrhage, Post-Traumatic; Brainstem Hematoma, Traumatic; Brainstem Hemorrhage, Traumatic; Bulbar Hemorrhage, Traumatic; Post-Traumatic Brain Stem Hemorrhage; Post-Traumatic Brainstem Hemorrhage; Traumatic Brain Stem Hematoma; Traumatic Brainstem Hemorrhage; Brain Stem Hemorrhage, Post Traumatic; Brainstem Hematomas, Traumatic; Brainstem Hemorrhage, Post-Traumatic; Hemorrhage, Post-Traumatic Brainstem; Hemorrhage, Traumatic Bulbar; Hemorrhage, Traumatic Medullary; Post Traumatic Brain Stem Hemorrhage; Post Traumatic Brainstem Hemorrhage; Traumatic Brainstem Hematoma; Traumatic Brainstem Hematomas; Traumatic Bulbar Hemorrhage; Traumatic Medullary Hemorrhage; Traumatic Midbrain Hemorrhage; Traumatic Pontine Hemorrhage; Hemorrhage, Brain Stem, Traumatic; Medullary Hemorrhage, Traumatic; Midbrain Hemorrhage, Traumatic; Pontine Hemorrhage, Traumatic
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