eIF-2 Kinase (eIF 2 Kinase)

A dsRNA-activated cAMP-independent protein serine/threonine kinase that is induced by interferon. In the presence of dsRNA and ATP, the kinase autophosphorylates on several serine and threonine residues. The phosphorylated enzyme catalyzes the phosphorylation of the alpha subunit of EUKARYOTIC INITIATION FACTOR-2, leading to the inhibition of protein synthesis.
Also Known As:
eIF 2 Kinase; Protein Kinase PKR; DAI Protein Kinase; DSRNA-Dep Protein Kinase; Double Stranded RNA-Dependent Kinase (dsl); Double Stranded RNA-Dependent eIF-2 alpha Protein Kinase; Eukaryotic Initiation Factor 2alpha Kinase; Heme Controlled Repressor; Heme-Controlled Inhibitor; Heme-Controlled Translational Repressor; Heme-Regulated eIF-2alpha Kinase; Hemin Controlled Repressor; Hemin-Controlled Translational Repressor; P68 Protein Kinase; Self-Phosphorylating Protein Kinase; TIK Kinase; dsRNA-Activated Inhibitor; eIF-2alpha Kinase; eRF, eIF-2 Recycling Factor; p65 Kinase; Controlled Repressor, Heme; Controlled Repressor, Hemin; DSRNA Dep Protein Kinase; Double Stranded RNA Dependent eIF 2 alpha Protein Kinase; Heme Controlled Inhibitor; Heme Controlled Translational Repressor; Heme Regulated eIF 2alpha Kinase; Hemin Controlled Translational Repressor; Inhibitor, Heme-Controlled; Inhibitor, dsRNA-Activated; Kinase PKR, Protein; Kinase, DAI Protein; Kinase, DSRNA-Dep Protein; Kinase, Heme-Regulated eIF-2alpha; Kinase, P68 Protein; Kinase, RNA-Dependent Protein; Kinase, Self-Phosphorylating Protein; Kinase, TIK; Kinase, eIF-2; Kinase, eIF-2alpha; Kinase, p65; Kinase, p68; PKR, Protein Kinase; Protein Kinase, DAI; Protein Kinase, DSRNA-Dep; Protein Kinase, P68; Protein Kinase, RNA-Dependent; Protein Kinase, Self-Phosphorylating; RNA Dependent Protein Kinase; Repressor, Heme Controlled; Repressor, Heme-Controlled Translational; Repressor, Hemin Controlled; Repressor, Hemin-Controlled Translational; Self Phosphorylating Protein Kinase; Translational Repressor, Heme-Controlled; Translational Repressor, Hemin-Controlled; dsRNA Activated Inhibitor; eIF 2alpha Kinase; eIF-2alpha Kinase, Heme-Regulated; eRF, eIF 2 Recycling Factor; Protein Kinase, RNA Activated; RNA-Dependent Protein Kinase; p68 Kinase
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