Mineral Fibers (Mineral Fiber)

Long, pliable, cohesive natural or manufactured filaments of various lengths. They form the structure of some minerals. The medical significance lies in their potential ability to cause various types of PNEUMOCONIOSIS (e.g., ASBESTOSIS) after occupational or environmental exposure. (From McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 4th ed, p708)
Also Known As:
Mineral Fiber; Fiber, Mineral; Fibers, Mineral
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04/01/2010 - "[Meta-analysis for control study of man-made mineral fiber and patients with respiratory system tumor]."
08/01/2002 - "The influence of fiber dimensions on the ip tumor response and the difficulty in assessing the influence of the difference in background levels between this and previous studies make direct application of the German TRGS 905 criteria difficult; however, by comparison to fiber B, which in the TRGS 905 is considered as a noncarcinogenic fiber, all of the synthetic mineral fiber types tested in this study also appear to meet the intended German criteria for exoneration."
01/01/1986 - "Contributions to the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) study on mortality and cancer incidence among man-made mineral fiber production workers."
01/01/1986 - "This paper introduces the reports that follow it in a supplement dealing with the extended follow-up of mortality and cancer incidence among workers in the man-made mineral fiber (MMMF) production industry in Europe, the largest international study of its kind thus far initiated. "
01/01/2014 - "Fourteen out of the 15 informative samples revealed two electrophoretically distinct methylated HUMARA alleles, the Corrected Allele Ratio (CR) calculated on the allele peak areas indicating polyclonal origin MM. Our results show that MM originate as polyclonal tumors and suggest that the carcinogenic "field effect" of mineral fibers leads to several premalignant clones that give rise to these polyclonal malignancies."
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4. Fibrosis (Cirrhosis)
5. Genetic Predisposition to Disease (Genetic Predisposition)

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