Nonsense Codon (Nonsense Mutation)

An amino acid-specifying codon that has been converted to a stop codon (CODON, TERMINATOR) by mutation. Its occurance is abnormal causing premature termination of protein translation and results in production of truncated and non-functional proteins. A nonsense mutation is one that converts an amino acid-specific codon to a stop codon.
Also Known As:
Nonsense Mutation; Nonsense Mutations; Premature Stop Codon; Unassigned Codon; Codon, Nonsense; Amber Nonsense Codon; Amber Nonsense Mutation; Nonsense Codon, Amber; Ochre Nonsense Codon; Ochre Nonsense Mutation; Opal Nonsense Codon; Opal Nonsense Mutation; Premature Termination Codon; Amber Nonsense Codons; Amber Nonsense Mutations; Codon, Amber Nonsense; Codon, Ochre Nonsense; Codon, Opal Nonsense; Codon, Premature Stop; Codon, Premature Termination; Codons, Amber Nonsense; Codons, Nonsense; Codons, Ochre Nonsense; Codons, Opal Nonsense; Codons, Premature Stop; Codons, Premature Termination; Codons, Unassigned; Mutation, Amber Nonsense; Mutation, Ochre Nonsense; Mutation, Opal Nonsense; Mutations, Amber Nonsense; Mutations, Nonsense; Mutations, Ochre Nonsense; Mutations, Opal Nonsense; Nonsense Codon, Ochre; Nonsense Codon, Opal; Nonsense Codons; Nonsense Codons, Amber; Nonsense Codons, Ochre; Nonsense Codons, Opal; Nonsense Mutation, Amber; Nonsense Mutation, Ochre; Nonsense Mutation, Opal; Nonsense Mutations, Amber; Nonsense Mutations, Ochre; Nonsense Mutations, Opal; Ochre Nonsense Codons; Ochre Nonsense Mutations; Opal Nonsense Codons; Opal Nonsense Mutations; Premature Stop Codons; Premature Termination Codons; Stop Codon, Premature; Stop Codons, Premature; Termination Codon, Premature; Termination Codons, Premature; Unassigned Codons; Codon, Termination, Premature; Codon, Unassigned; Mutation, Nonsense
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