Terminator Codon (Termination Codon)

Any codon that signals the termination of genetic translation (TRANSLATION, GENETIC). PEPTIDE TERMINATION FACTORS bind to the stop codon and trigger the hydrolysis of the aminoacyl bond connecting the completed polypeptide to the tRNA. Terminator codons do not specify amino acids.
Also Known As:
Termination Codon; Codon, Terminator; Amber Codon; Amber Terminator Codon; Codon, Termination; Ochre Codon; Ochre Stop Codon; Opal Codon; Opal Stop Codon; Stop Codon UAA; Stop Codon UAG; Stop Codon UGA; Stop Signal, Translation; TAA Codon; TAG Codon; TGA Codon; UAA Codon; UAA Stop Codon; UAG Codon; UAG Stop Codon; UGA Codon; UGA Stop Codon; Amber Codons; Amber Stop Codons; Amber Terminator Codons; Codon UAA, Stop; Codon UAG, Stop; Codon UGA, Stop; Codon, Amber; Codon, Amber Terminator; Codon, Ochre; Codon, Opal; Codon, TAA; Codon, TAG; Codon, TGA; Codon, UAA; Codon, UAA Stop; Codon, UAG; Codon, UAG Stop; Codon, UGA; Codon, UGA Stop; Codons, Amber; Codons, Amber Stop; Codons, Amber Terminator; Codons, Ochre; Codons, Ochre Stop; Codons, Opal; Codons, Opal Stop; Codons, Stop; Codons, TAA; Codons, TAG; Codons, TGA; Codons, Termination; Codons, Terminator; Codons, UAA; Codons, UAA Stop; Codons, UAG; Codons, UAG Stop; Codons, UGA; Codons, UGA Stop; Ochre Codons; Ochre Stop Codons; Opal Codons; Opal Stop Codons; Stop Codon UGAs; Stop Codon, Amber; Stop Codon, Ochre; Stop Codon, Opal; Stop Codon, UAA; Stop Codon, UAG; Stop Codon, UGA; Stop Codons; Stop Codons, Amber; Stop Codons, Ochre; Stop Codons, Opal; Stop Codons, UAA; Stop Codons, UAG; Stop Codons, UGA; Stop Signals, Translation; TAA Codons; TAG Codons; TGA Codons; Termination Codons; Terminator Codon, Amber; Terminator Codons; Terminator Codons, Amber; Translation Stop Signal; Translation Stop Signals; UAA Codons; UAA Stop Codons; UAA, Stop Codon; UAG Codons; UAG Stop Codons; UAG, Stop Codon; UGA Codons; UGA Stop Codons; UGA, Stop Codon; Amber Stop Codon; Codon, Amber Stop; Codon, Ochre Stop
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