Pituitary Hormone-Regulating Hormone Receptors

Cell surface receptors that bind the hypothalamic hormones regulating pituitary cell differentiation, proliferation, and hormone synthesis and release, including the pituitary-releasing and release-inhibiting hormones. The pituitary hormone-regulating hormones are also released by cells other than hypothalamic neurons, and their receptors also occur on non-pituitary cells, especially brain neurons, where their role is less well understood. Receptors for dopamine, which is a prolactin release-inhibiting hormone as well as a common neurotransmitter, are not included here.
Also Known As:
Receptors, Pituitary Hormone-Regulating Hormone; Hypothalamic Release Inhibiting Hormone Receptors; Pituitary Hormone Regulating Hormone Receptors; Pituitary Hormone Releasing Hormone Receptors; Receptors, Hypothalamic Release Inhibiting Hormones; Receptors, Pituitary Hormone Regulating Hormone; Receptors, Pituitary Hormone Releasing Hormone; Hypothalamic Release-Inhibiting Hormone Receptors; Hypothalamic Releasing Hormone Receptors; Pituitary Hormone-Releasing Hormone Receptors; Receptors, Hypothalamic Release-Inhibiting Hormones; Receptors, Hypothalamic Releasing Hormones; Receptors, Pituitary Hormone Release Inhibiting Hormones; Receptors, Pituitary Hormone-Releasing Hormone
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