Adenovirus Early Proteins

Proteins encoded by adenoviruses that are synthesized prior to, and in the absence of, viral DNA replication. The proteins are involved in both positive and negative regulation of expression in viral and cellular genes, and also affect the stability of viral mRNA. Some are also involved in oncogenic transformation.
Also Known As:
Adenovirus E19 Protein; Adenovirus E29 Protein; E19 Protein, Adenovirus; E19 Proteins, Adenovirus; E29 Protein, Adenovirus; E29 Proteins, Adenovirus; Early Proteins, Adenovirus; Protein, Adenovirus E19; Protein, Adenovirus E29; Proteins, Adenovirus E19; Proteins, Adenovirus E29; Adenovirus E19 Proteins; Adenovirus E29 Proteins; Adenovirus Early Region Transforming Proteins
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