Artificial Urinary Sphincter

An artifical implanted device, usually in the form of an inflatable silicone cuff, inserted in or around the bladder neck in the surgical treatment of urinary incontinence caused by sphincter weakness. Often it is placed around the bulbous urethra in adult males. The artificial urinary sphincter is considered an alternative to urinary diversion.
Also Known As:
Urinary Sphincter, Artificial; Artificial Genitourinary Sphincter; Artificial Genitourinary Sphincters; Artificial Urinary Sphincters; Genitourinary Sphincters, Artificial; Sphincter, Artificial Genitourinary; Sphincter, Artificial Urinary; Sphincters, Artificial Genitourinary; Sphincters, Artificial Urinary; Urinary Sphincters, Artificial; Genitourinary Sphincter, Artificial
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04/01/2002 - "Continence in patients with neuropathic bladder dysfunction is excellent and the artificial urinary sphincter should be considered first line treatment in this group, although the risk of revision surgery is high. "
09/01/1986 - "Our results indicate that implantation of the artificial urinary sphincter in neurogenic bladder patients has minimal adverse impact on the upper urinary tracts, followup should be long-term and should include an IVP, outflow obstruction should be eliminated preoperatively by means of external sphincterotomy in male patients and bladder flap urethroplasty in female patients, similarly, adequate emptying of the bladder always must be assured during followup, if hydroureteronephrosis is detected early appropriate treatment can restore normal upper tracts, the presence of previously damaged upper tracts without evidence of obstruction is not a contraindication for artificial sphincter implantation and an antireflux operation in combination with artificial sphincter implantation is feasible."
08/01/1996 - "Artificial urinary sphincter implantation for neurogenic bladder: a multi-institutional study in 107 children."
04/01/2014 - "Simultaneous cuff only artificial urinary sphincter and augmentation cystoplasty appears safe and efficacious in patients with neurogenic bladder, with fewer complications than complete artificial urinary sphincter, and may provide definitive urinary continence in up to a third of patients. "
04/01/2014 - "We review our experience with artificial urinary sphincter and augmentation cystoplasty in patients with neurogenic bladder. "
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