Yin Deficiency (Yinxu)

In the YIN-YANG system of philosophy and medicine, an insufficiency of body fluid (called yinxu), manifesting often as irritability, thirst, constipation, etc. (The Pinyin Chinese-English Dictionary, 1979).
Also Known As:
Yinxu; Xu, Yin; Yin Xu; Deficiency, Yin; Hsu, Yin; Yin Deficiencies; Yin Hsu
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Drugs and Biologics

Drugs and Important Biological Agents (IBA) related to Yin Deficiency:
1. vardenafil (Levitra)FDA Link
2. TabletsIBA
3. Paroxetine (Paxil)FDA LinkGeneric
4. von Willebrand FactorIBA
5. erdi biejiaIBA
6. yishenIBA
7. Insulin (Novolin)FDA Link
08/01/2009 - "SQD can relieve the clinical symptoms in patients of syndrome of qi-yin deficiency and inner blockage of blood stasis, increase the insulin sensitivity and reduce the IR in patients, so as to decrease their FBG, blood pressure and HbAlc. "
11/01/2011 - "The insulin resistance index (IRI), insulin action index and body mass index (BMI) of patients in the Yin-Yang deficiency group were significantly different from those of patients with dryness-heat due to deficiency of yin and Qi-Yin deficiency. "
03/01/2012 - "To study the protection of Zibu Piyin Recipe (ZBPYR) on the insulin signal pathway in the hippocampus of Pi-yin deficiency diabetic encephalopathy rats and to explore its possible mechanisms. "
11/01/2006 - "Traditional Chinese herbs for nourishing yin to reduce fire can significantly reduce the serum levels of testosterone and insulin in PCOS women with syndrome of kidney yin deficiency, and herbs for invigorating spleen and replenishing qi can significantly reduce the serum level of insulin in PCOS women with syndrome of spleen qi deficiency."
11/01/2006 - "Among the 43 cases, 20 cases had high serum testosterone level, in which 13 cases with syndrome of kidney yin deficiency, 7 cases with syndrome of spleen qi deficiency, but the difference had no statistic significance; 17 cases had high serum insulin level, in which 11 cases with syndrome of spleen qi deficiency, 6 cases with syndrome of kidney yin deficiency, the difference had statistic significance (P<0.05). "
8. DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid)IBA
04/01/2007 - "Arranged from low to high, the percentages of CHB patients with the serum HBV-DNA > or = 1.0 x l0(5) copy/mL (high viral loading) in the five syndrome types were as follows: damp-heat retention in middle-jiao syndrome (DHRS, 55.2%), blood stasis blocking collateral syndrome (BSBC), Gan-Shen yin deficiency syndrome (GSYS), Pi-Shen yang deficiency syndrome (PSDS) and Gan stagnation with Pi deficiency syndrome (GSPS, 82.5%), the difference was significant between DHRS and GSPS; those with HBV-DNA in PBMCs infection were: GSYS (27.3%), DHRS (34.3%), BSBC (53.1%) and GSPS (77.2%). "
04/01/2013 - "The purpose of this study was to explore the effects of Erzhi Tiangui Granule (ETG) on DNA methyltransferases (DNMT) 1 protein expression in endometrium of infertile women with Kidney-yin Deficiency syndrome. "
09/01/2005 - "One hundred and two patients with chronic hepatitis with positive HBV DNA and hadn't ever been treated by Lamivudine and interferon were differentiated according TCM syndrome differentiation into 5 types, two excess types (damp-heat blocking zhong-jiao type and blood stasis blocking collaterals type) and three deficiency types, gan-stagnation with pi-dificiency type, gan-shen yin-deficiency type and pi-shen yang-deficiency type. "
01/01/1992 - "75.5% cases of Gan-Shen Yin-Xu (deficiency of Yin of the liver and kidney) type belonged to chronic active hepatitis (CAH) and 88.5% of the cases were pathologically described as CAH, the positive rates of HBeAg and/or HBV DNA in serum and HBsAg in liver tissues were all 80.8%, among which the diffuse pattern of HBsAg accounted for 85.7%, which was higher than that in Gan-Yu Pi-Xu type (P less than 0.05), the positive rates of HBcAg and HBV DNA in liver tissues were 34.6% (of which 55.6% appeared cytoplasmic pattern) and 63.2% respectively, which was higher than that in Gan-Yu Pi-Xu type (P less than 0.05). "
9. Urea (Carbamide)FDA LinkGeneric
10. Atrial Natriuretic Factor (ANF)IBA

Therapies and Procedures

1. Aftercare (After-Treatment)
08/01/2014 - "After treatment, the total effective rate was 84.8% (95/112), in which the efficacy on the stasis predominated syndrome was better than that of yin deficiency predominated syndrome [92.9% (52/56) vs 76.8% (43/56), P < 0.05]. "
06/01/1990 - "After treatment (2-month course), the clinical improvement rates in 38 cases of the Gan-Yu Pi-Xu type and in 26 cases of the Gan-Shen Yin-Xu type were 92.1% and 88.5% respectively, more effective than that of the control group (P less than 0.05). "
07/01/2008 - "High expression manners of Fn and FL were shown in all CAA patients, the high expressions of both were lowered to some extent after treatment, but the improvement in the test group was better than that in the control group (P <0.05), and the deviation was more liable to be corrected in patients of Shen-yang deficiency type than that in patients of Shen-yin deficiency type. "
09/01/2014 - "Both groups got improvement in neurologic impairment, stroke induced blood stasis syndrome, yin deficiency yang hyperactivity syndrome, and the improvement of upper limbs movement after treatment (all P < 0.05). "
03/01/2009 - "After treatment, the body weight, BMI, circumferences of waist and hip in the 5 groups had significant changes; the total effective rates in the group of dampness stagnancy due to spleen deficiency, the stomach heat-dampness stagnation group, the group of stagnation of liver qi, the group of deficiency of both spleen and kidney deficiency, the group of endogenous heat due to yin deficiency were 83.3%, 93.3%, 48.2%, 69.2% and 41.70%, respectively. "
2. Moxibustion
08/01/2013 - "Questionnaire contents consist of overview, pathogeny, diagnosis standard, dialectical medication (phlegm heat resistance pulmonary lung and kidney Yin deficiency lung spleen-deficiency), treating spleen-deficiency (lung), moxibustion treatment and aftercare care and diet and mental, average (2.93-3.00), full mark rate (93.10%-100%) ranks average (9.91-10.67) and (287.50-309.50) of which are the most high value, and the variation coefficient is 0.00, the Kendall coefficient (Kendalls W) is 0.049 which is statistical significance, the questionnaire reliability value of alpha was 0.788. "
06/01/2013 - "Following the treatment, the skin lesion score and yin-deficiency constitution score were significantly decreased in comparison with pre-treatment in the same one group (P < 0.05), and those of the moxibustion group were remarkably lower than those of the control group (P < 0.05). "
06/01/2013 - "Suspended moxibustion is effective in improving both skin lesion and yin-deficiency constitution in acne patients with yin-deficiency-inner heat type."
07/01/2005 - "The study on relation of the difference of the left and right axillary temperature with constitution types and diagnosis of diseases proves that the temperature of the left and right axillary is correlated with excess and insufficiency of Yin and Yang, namely, higher left axillary temperature is recognized as Yin-deficiency and Yang-excess, and higher right axillary temperature as Yang-deficiency and Yin-excess, and this can guide clinical syndrome differentiation treatment of acupuncture and moxibustion and individual diagnostic and therapeutic program can be established based on this."
06/01/2013 - "To observe the clinical effect of moxibustion therapy for 29 cases of yin-deficiency type acne. "
3. Chinese Traditional Medicine (Traditional Chinese Medicine)
4. Drug Therapy (Chemotherapy)
5. Meridians (Jing Luo)