gamma-delta T-Cell Antigen Receptors (T-Cell Receptor delta-Chain)

T-cell receptors composed of CD3-associated gamma and delta polypeptide chains and expressed primarily in CD4-/CD8- T-cells. The receptors appear to be preferentially located in epithelial sites and probably play a role in the recognition of bacterial antigens. The T-cell receptor gamma/delta chains are separate and not related to the gamma and delta chains which are subunits of CD3 (see ANTIGENS, CD3).
Also Known As:
T-Cell Receptor delta-Chain; T-Cell Receptor gamma-Chain; Receptors, Antigen, T-Cell, gamma-delta; Antigen T Cell Receptor, delta Chain; Antigen T Cell Receptor, gamma Chain; Receptors, Antigen, T Cell, gamma delta; T Cell Receptors, gamma delta; T-Cell Receptor, gamma-delta; T Cell Receptor delta Chain; T Cell Receptor gamma Chain; T Cell Receptor, gamma delta; T Cell Receptors delta Chain; T Cell Receptors gamma Chain; TcR gamma delta; delta-Chain, T-Cell Receptor; delta-Chain, T-Cell Receptors; gamma-Chain, T-Cell Receptor; gamma-Chain, T-Cell Receptors; gamma-delta T-Cell Receptor; gamma-delta T-Cell Receptors; gamma-delta, TcR; Antigen Receptors, T-Cell, gamma-delta; T-Cell Receptors delta-Chain; T-Cell Receptors gamma-Chain; T-Cell Receptors, gamma-delta; TcR gamma-delta
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