A long-acting, non-sedative antihistaminic used in the treatment of seasonal allergic rhinitis, asthma, allergic conjunctivitis, and chronic idiopathic urticaria. The drug is well tolerated and has no anticholinergic side effects.
Also Known As:
Alacan Brand of Astemizole; Alermizol; Alonga Brand of Astemizole; Astemina; Astemizol Alonga; Astemizol ratiopharm; Astesen; Byk Brand of Astemizole; Diba Brand of Astemizole; Elfar Brand of Astemizole; Emdar; Esmacen; Esteve Brand of Astemizole; Fustermizol; Fustery Brand of Astemizole; Hismanal; Histaminos; Hubermizol; ICN Brand of Astemizole; Janssen Brand of Astemizole; Laridal; Lesvi Brand of Astemizole; McNeil Brand of Astemizole; Medinsa Brand of Astemizole; Merck Brand of Astemizole; Paralergin; R-43-512; Reig Jofre Brand of Astemizole; Retolen; Rifedot; Rimbol; Romadin; Senosiain Brand of Astemizole; Septa Brand of Astemizole; Simprox; Smaller Brand of Astemizole; Urbion Brand of Astemizole; Urdrim; Vita Brand of Astemizole; ratiopharm Brand of Astemizole; Alonga, Astemizol; Astemizole Alacan Brand; Astemizole Alonga Brand; Astemizole Byk Brand; Astemizole Diba Brand; Astemizole Elfar Brand; Astemizole Esteve Brand; Astemizole Fustery Brand; Astemizole ICN Brand; Astemizole Janssen Brand; Astemizole Lesvi Brand; Astemizole McNeil Brand; Astemizole Medinsa Brand; Astemizole Merck Brand; Astemizole Senosiain Brand; Astemizole Septa Brand; Astemizole Smaller Brand; Astemizole Urbion Brand; Astemizole Vita Brand; Astemizole ratiopharm Brand; R 43 512; R43512; ratiopharm, Astemizol; 1H-Benzimidazol-2-amine, 1-((4-fluorophenyl)methyl)-N-(1-(2-(4-methoxyphenyl)ethyl)-4-piperidinyl)-
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