des-Arginine Complement C5a

A derivative of complement C5a, generated when the carboxy-terminal ARGININE is removed by CARBOXYPEPTIDASE B present in normal human serum. C5a des-Arg shows complete loss of spasmogenic activity though it retains some chemotactic ability (CHEMOATTRACTANTS).
Also Known As:
Complement C5a, des-Arginine; C5 a, des-Arg; C5 a, des-Arginine; C5a des-Arg; C5a des-Arginine; C5a, des-Arg; C5a, des-Arginine; Complement 5a, de-Arginine; Complement 5a, des-Arginine; C5 a, des Arg; C5 a, des Arginine; C5a des Arginine; C5a, des Arg; C5a, des Arginine; C5a, des-Arginine Complement; Complement 5a, de Arginine; Complement 5a, des Arginine; Complement C5a, des Arginine; de-Arginine Complement 5a; des-Arg C5 a; des-Arg C5a; des-Arg, C5a; des-Arginine C5 a; des-Arginine C5a; des-Arginine Complement 5a; des-Arginine, C5a
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