HLA-A2 Antigen (HLA A2 Antigen)

Human histocompatibility (HLA) surface antigen encoded by the A locus on chromosome 6. The HLA-A2 antigen is associated with recognition of the INFLUENZA A VIRUS.
Also Known As:
HLA A2 Antigen; HLA-A2; HLA-A2.1; Antigen, HLA-A2
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1. Neoplasms (Cancer)
08/12/1998 - "We report here that not only monocyte-derived dendritic cells but also activated T cells incubated with the MAGE-3 antigenic peptide presented by HLA-A2 were effective in activating specific CTL precursors present in the blood of individuals without cancer. "
01/01/2007 - "Here we report the results of a phase I clinical study of intensive course NY-ESO-1 peptide vaccination, evaluating the safety, immunogenicity and clinical response in HLA-A2 positive patients with NY-ESO-1 expressing cancers. "
09/01/2005 - "Binding studies revealed its ability to decorate Ag-positive human tumor cells with covalent peptide single-chain HLA-A2 (scHLA-A2) molecules in a manner that was entirely dependent upon the specificity of the targeting Antibody fragment. "
04/25/2000 - "The objectives of the present study were (i) to develop enzyme-linked immunospot (ELISPOT) and tetramer assays to measure CD8(+) T cell responses to NY-ESO-1, (ii) to determine the frequency of CD8(+) T cell responses to NY-ESO-1 in a series of HLA-A2 patients with NY-ESO-1 expressing tumors, (iii) to determine the relation between CD8(+) T cell and humoral immune responses to NY-ESO-1, and (iv) to compare results of NY-ESO-1 ELISPOT assays performed independently in two laboratories with T cells from the same patients. "
02/15/1994 - "Results from in vitro studies of immune response to Epstein-Barr virus have found that the HLA-A2 antigen efficiently presents the EBV gene product LMP-2, which has been detected in NPC tumor cells. "
2. Melanoma (Melanoma, Malignant)
3. Infection
4. Neoplasm Metastasis (Metastasis)
5. Experimental Melanoma

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