env Gene Products

Retroviral proteins, often glycosylated, coded by the envelope (env) gene. They are usually synthesized as protein precursors (POLYPROTEINS) and later cleaved into the final viral envelope glycoproteins by a viral protease.
Also Known As:
Gene Products, env; env Antigens; env Glycoproteins; env Polyprotein; Antigens, env; Polyprotein, env; Polyproteins, env; env Polyproteins; env Protein
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06/01/2010 - "These results highlight the merit of the alphavirus replicon vector prime plus Env protein boost vaccine approach for the induction of protective antibody responses and are of particular relevance to advancing our understanding of the potential correlates of immune protection against HIV infection at a relevant mucosal portal of entry."
11/01/2011 - "Analysis of the late steps of the HIV infection cycle shows that Rab7A regulates Env processing, the incorporation of mature Env glycoproteins into viral particles and HIV-1 infectivity. "
12/15/1993 - "At levels of env protein expression sufficient to mediate syncytium formation and to kill cells, these HIV-1 env transfectants displayed no intrinsic T cell signaling abnormalities, suggesting that mechanisms other than a direct intracellular action of the tat or env proteins may be contributing to the deficit in Ag-specific T cell activation described subsequent to HIV infection in vivo and in vitro."
02/01/2015 - "Because the lectins, Hippeastrum hybrid agglutinin (HHA) and Galanthus nivalis agglutinin (GNA), are potent inhibitors of HIV infection and bind the oligomannans on the HIV Env protein, we hypothesized that they would bind specifically to cells expressing the HIV Env protein on their plasma membrane. "
10/01/1992 - "Serum IgA subclasses and molecular forms in HIV infection: selective increases in monomer and apparent restriction of the antibody response to IgA1 antibodies mainly directed at env glycoproteins."
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