Wissler's Syndrome

A rheumatic syndrome of possibly allergic origin, usually affecting children and adolescents, and characterized by high fever, exanthema, arthralgia, leukocytosis, and increased sedimentation rate.
Also Known As:
Syndrome, Wissler's; Syndrome, Wissler-Fanconi; Wissler Fanconi Syndrome; Wissler Syndrome; Wisslers Syndrome; Subsepsis Allergica; Subsepsis Hyperergica; Wissler-Fanconi Syndrome
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Related Diseases

1. Hypersensitivity (Allergy)
2. Sepsis (Septicemia)

Drugs and Biologics

Drugs and Important Biological Agents (IBA) related to Wissler's Syndrome:
1. Tetracycline (Achromycin)FDA LinkGeneric
2. 6-Mercaptopurine (Mercaptopurine)FDA LinkGeneric
3. Tuberculin (PPD)IBA
4. Growth Hormone (Somatotropin)IBA
5. Prostaglandins A (PGA)IBA
6. Prednisone (Sone)FDA LinkGeneric
7. Phenylbutazone (Butazolidin)FDA Link
8. Dust (House Dust)FDA Link
9. Adrenocorticotropic Hormone (ACTH)FDA Link
10. cold agglutininsIBA

Therapies and Procedures

1. Intravenous Injections
2. Hysterectomy