Viral Envelope Proteins

Layers of protein which surround the capsid in animal viruses with tubular nucleocapsids. The envelope consists of an inner layer of lipids and virus specified proteins also called membrane or matrix proteins. The outer layer consists of one or more types of morphological subunits called peplomers which project from the viral envelope; this layer always consists of glycoproteins.
Also Known As:
Bovine Leukemia Virus Glycoprotein gp51; Corona Virus Membrane Protein E1; Coronavirus Peplomer Protein E1; Coronavirus Peplomer Protein E2 JHM; Coronavirus gpE1; Hepatitis Virus (MHV) Glycoprotein E2; LaCrosse Virus Envelope Glycoprotein G1; Simian Sarcoma Virus Glycoprotein 70; Viral Envelope Glycoprotein gPr90 (Murine Leukemia Virus); Viral Envelope Glycoprotein gp55 (Friend Virus); Viral Envelope Proteins E1; Viral Envelope Proteins E2; Viral Envelope Proteins gp52; Viral Envelope Proteins gp70; Virus Envelope Proteins; Envelope Proteins, Virus; Peplomer Proteins, Virus; Proteins, Viral Envelope; Proteins, Virus Envelope; Proteins, Virus Peplomer; Envelope Proteins, Viral; Virus Peplomer Proteins
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