Vasotocin (Argiprestocin)

A nonapeptide that contains the ring of OXYTOCIN and the side chain of ARG-VASOPRESSIN with the latter determining the specific recognition of hormone receptors. Vasotocin is the non-mammalian vasopressin-like hormone or antidiuretic hormone regulating water and salt metabolism.
Also Known As:
Argiprestocin; Arginine Vasotocin; (8-Arginine)Oxytocin; Argiprestocine; 3 Isoleucyl Vasopressin; Isoleucyl Vasopressin; Non-Mammalian Vasopressin; Oxytocin, Arginine; Vasopressin, 3-Isoleucyl; Vasopressin, Non Mammalian; Vasotocin, Arginine; 3-Isoleucyl Vasopressin; Arginine Oxytocin; Vasopressin, Isoleucyl; Vasopressin, Non-Mammalian; Cys-Tyr-Ile-Gln-Asn-Cys-Pro-Arg-Gly, cyclic 1-6 disulfide
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1. Body Weight (Weight, Body)
11/01/2011 - "Vasotocin and some its analogs were intramuscularly introduced to non-narcotized rat females of the Wistar line in doses from 0.1 pmol to 0.5 nmol/kg of body weight against the background of peroral water load (50 ml/kg of body weight). "
03/01/1995 - "with either ALDO or arginine vasotocin in dosages of 1, 10, and 100 micrograms/100 g body weight showed no increase in WR behavior relative to toads injected with saline alone. "
05/01/1995 - "By contrast, mesotocin was biphasic: at .025 and .25 micrograms/kg body weight it decreased urine volume with the same efficacy as arginine vasotocin, whereas it dramatically increased urine volume at the higher doses (2.5 and 25 micrograms/kg body weight)."
07/01/1993 - "Injection of spadefoot toad tadpoles with ovine (o) CRH (2 micrograms/animal every other day for 3 weeks) or the amphibian CRH-like peptide sauvagine (SV) significantly decreased their time from hatching to metamorphic climax (Gosner stage 42; frontlimb emergence) and their body weight and body length at climax compared with vehicle-injected controls; whereas, TRH had no effect and arginine vasotocin produced a small but significant lengthening of the larval period but did not alter body size at climax. "
03/01/1991 - "Using morphometric technique, it has been shown that single and especially three successive injections of a hypothalamic nonapeptide neurohormone, arginin-vasotocin (5.10(-9) M/kg of body weight) affect functional activity of the thyroid gland in sexually mature male frogs which had been subjected to hypophysectomy 10 or 60 days before neurohormonal treatment. "
2. Weight Loss (Weight Reduction)
3. Amnesia (Dissociative Amnesia)
4. Hypothyroidism
5. Fever (Fevers)

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