Proximal Gastric Vagotomy

Vagal denervation of that part of the STOMACH lined with acid-secreting mucosa (GASTRIC MUCOSA) containing the GASTRIC PARIETAL CELLS. Since the procedure leaves the vagal branches to the antrum and PYLORUS intact, it circumvents gastric drainage required with truncal vagotomy techniques.
Also Known As:
Vagotomy, Proximal Gastric; Gastric Vagotomies, Proximal; Gastric Vagotomy, Proximal; Highly Selective Vagotomies; Highly Selective Vagotomy; Parietal Cell Vagotomies; Parietal Cell Vagotomy; Proximal Gastric Vagotomies; Proximal Vagotomies, Selective; Proximal Vagotomy, Selective; Selective Proximal Vagotomies; Selective Proximal Vagotomy; Selective Vagotomies, Highly; Vagotomies, Highly Selective; Vagotomies, Parietal Cell; Vagotomies, Proximal Gastric; Vagotomies, Selective Proximal; Vagotomy, Highly Selective; Vagotomy, Parietal Cell; Vagotomy, Selective Proximal
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01/01/1995 - "The best results were produced (Visick I-II) in patients after selective proximal vagotomy with excision of the ulcer from the gastric lumen (in 93%), the results were poorer in selective proximal vagotomy with wedge resection of the stomach and in truncal vagotomy with excision of the ulcer or wedge resection of the stomach (only in 20%, 38%, and 30% of patients, respectively). "
01/10/1987 - "Our results are similar to those following proximal gastric vagotomy, with no operative mortality, minor functional disorders (100% Visick grade I or II at six months), significant reduction of gastric acidity (88.1% reduction of the basal acid output at 6 months) and no ulcer recurrence in the short-term follow-up. "
03/15/1985 - "[A new treatment for old ulcers: parietal cell vagotomy]."
04/01/1992 - "He has noted that "this operation gives protection from further ulcer disease to those who need it and will produce no harm to the unidentifiable patients that might not have benefited from definitive surgery." Boey and Wong suggested that omental patch closure is indicated for "acute ulcers associated with drug ingestion or acute stress" in addition to those that occur in patients who are considered to be poor risk, while proximal gastric vagotomy should be added in the remaining patients with perforations of acute ulcers.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 400 WORDS)"
08/26/1982 - "We conclude that substituting highly selective vagotomy for gastrectomy will not lead to improved survival, because 80 per cent of patients now having operations for ulcer are heavy cigarette smokers."
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