Surgical Instruments (Clip)

Hand-held tools or implements used by health professionals for the performance of surgical tasks.
Also Known As:
Clip; Speculum; Forceps; Surgical Instrument; Trocar; Surgical Hook; Hooks, Surgical; Clamp, Surgical; Clip, Surgical; Clips; Hook, Surgical; Instrument, Surgical; Plug, Surgical; Surgical Clamp; Surgical Clip; Surgical Plug; Surgical Valve; Valve, Surgical; Clip, Tantalum; Forcep; Instruments, Surgical; Speculums; Tantalum Clip; Tantalum Clips; Trocars; Clamps, Surgical; Clips, Surgical; Clips, Tantalum; Plugs, Surgical; Scissors, Surgical; Surgical Clamps; Surgical Clips; Surgical Hooks; Surgical Plugs; Surgical Scissors; Surgical Valves; Valves, Surgical
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10/01/1985 - "The study yielded no significant increase in maternal vaginal trauma for vacuum extractor versus spontaneous vaginal delivery, but there was a significantly greater incidence for forceps delivery (60%) versus vacuum extractor (25%) and more associated blood loss for forceps delivery (P less than .01). "
02/01/2008 - "These advances include better understanding of PCL diagnosis and surgical indications; recognition of the need for repair or reconstruction of associated injuries, especially injuries to the posterolateral and posteromedial corners of the knee; PCL-specific surgical instruments including mechanical tensioning devices to restore anatomic tibial step-off; improved graft fixation techniques including primary and backup methods of fixation; use of strong graft material including advances in the procurement, processing, and usage of allograft tissue; improved surgical techniques; and advances in the understanding of knee ligament structure and biomechanics, resulting in more accurate surgical tunnel placement, achieving anatomic graft insertion sites while minimizing graft bending. "
05/01/2007 - "They do have blunt tips that may provide some protection from injuries, but the force required for entry is significantly greater than with disposable trocars. "
12/01/2015 - "In comparison to rotational ventouse, Kielland's forceps have higher efficacy with less risk of neonatal trauma."
04/01/2003 - "When analyzing the type of episiotomy, mediolateral episiotomy seems to be more protective against perineal trauma in women undergoing forceps delivery."
4. Pain (Aches)
01/01/2008 - "Our study demonstrated that infiltration of the trocar site with long lasting local anesthetic is extremely effective for the treatment of post-operative pain after laparoscopic cholecystectomy; pre-incisional local infiltration seems to be better in term of pain perception and intravenous post-operative analgesic consumption."
02/12/2015 - "Then, we hypothesized that PHB1 overexpression by delivery of Ad-PHB1 could result in neuroprotection and promote functional recovery following SCI. Briefly, Wistar rats received a 35-g clip-compression injury and were administered Ad-PHB1 or Ad immediately following SCI. It was found that Ad-PHB1 administration significantly improved locomotor function and increased pain tolerance in rats with SCI. Furthermore, Ad-PHB1 administration following SCI attenuated axonal degradation and increased neuron sparing. "
01/01/2003 - "At 30 min after clip application there was a non-significant reduction in pain-score on VAS. "
04/01/1988 - "1,6-Dimethyl-3-carbethoxy-4-oxo-6,7,8,9-tetrahydro-homopyrimidazol (rimazolium, MZ-144) proved to be effective in all the analgesic assays used (independently of the nociceptive stimulus applied) (hot plate, tail flick, writhing tests, Randall-Selitto test, tail clip, surgical pain) differing in this respect from the nonsteroidal antiinflammatory analgetics. "
01/01/2000 - "In a trial, which randomized 87 patients to treatment with either sharp trocars or a radially expanding needle system with blunt dilator, results showed that with the latter system there was statistically improved patient assessment of pain, a lower complications rate, and shorter procedure time. "
5. Neoplasms (Cancer)

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