Carbaryl (Sevin)

A carbamate insecticide and parasiticide. It is a potent anticholinesterase agent belonging to the carbamate group of reversible cholinesterase inhibitors. It has a particularly low toxicity from dermal absorption and is used for control of head lice in some countries.
Also Known As:
Sevin; Carbaril; 1-Naphthyl-N-methylcarbamate; Antigale; Avicopharma Brand of Carbaril; Biové Brand of Carbaril; Carbaryl, Manganese (2+) Salt; Carbaryl, Nickel (2+) Salt; Carbyl; Carylderm; Clément Brand of Carbaril; Concentrat VO 18; Coophavet Brand of Carbaril; David Veterinary Laboratories Brand of Carbaril; Dog-Net Insecticide Poudre; Fido's Free-Itch; G-Wizz; IntraVeno Brand of Carbaril; Joseph Lyddy; Mavlab Brand of Carbaril; Novartis Brand of Carbaril; Océcoxil; Ornis Brand of Carbaril; Poudre insecticide Moureau; Poudre insecticide Vetoquinol; Poutic; Sanofi Brand of Carbaril; Skatta Tick Flea Louse Powder; Sogeval Brand of Carbaril; Sépou; Tigal; Virbac Brand of Carbaril; Vétoquinol Brand of Carbaril; 18, Concentrat VO; Carbaril Avicopharma Brand; Carbaril Biové Brand; Carbaril Clément Brand; Carbaril Coophavet Brand; Carbaril IntraVeno Brand; Carbaril Mavlab Brand; Carbaril Novartis Brand; Carbaril Ornis Brand; Carbaril Sanofi Brand; Carbaril Sogeval Brand; Carbaril Virbac Brand; Carbaril Vétoquinol Brand; Dog Net Insecticide Poudre; DogNet Insecticide Poudre; Fido's Free Itch; Fido's FreeItch; G Wizz; GWizz; Lyddy, Joseph; Moureau, Poudre insecticide; VO 18, Concentrat; Vetoquinol, Poudre insecticide; insecticide Moureau, Poudre; insecticide Vetoquinol, Poudre; 1-Naphthalenol, methylcarbamate
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