T-Cell Antigen Receptors (T-Cell Receptor)

Molecules on the surface of T-lymphocytes that recognize and combine with antigens. The receptors are non-covalently associated with a complex of several polypeptides collectively called CD3 antigens (ANTIGENS, CD3). Recognition of foreign antigen and the major histocompatibility complex is accomplished by a single heterodimeric antigen-receptor structure, composed of either alpha-beta (RECEPTORS, ANTIGEN, T-CELL, ALPHA-BETA) or gamma-delta (RECEPTORS, ANTIGEN, T-CELL, GAMMA-DELTA) chains.
Also Known As:
T-Cell Receptor; T-Cell Antigen Receptor; Receptor, T-Cell; Receptors, T-Cell; Receptors, Antigen, T-Cell; Receptors, T-Cell Antigen; Antigen Receptor, T-Cell; Antigen Receptors, T Cell; Receptor, T-Cell Antigen; Receptors, T Cell Antigen; T Cell Antigen Receptor; T Cell Receptor; T Cell Receptors; Antigen Receptors, T-Cell; T-Cell Receptors
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04/01/2007 - "The cis isomers were found to have significantly greater efficacy in both preventing and curing infection in a mouse model than the trans polyamine analogues when tested in a T-cell receptor alpha-deficient mouse model. "
02/01/2003 - "Our studies in NKT-cell-deficient, T-cell receptor Jalpha281 gene-targeted mice have established that classical NKT cells do not play a critical role in the early clearance of MCMV infection. "
12/01/1994 - "This short review recalls those heady days and briefly recounts some of the later findings in three aspects of particular interest raised by the original finding: the nature of the T cell receptor, the composition and structure of the ligand on the target cell recognized by the TCR and the importance of CTL in the control and clearance of infections in general."
01/01/2015 - "From the microarray studies, genes that exhibited significant (greater than 1.5-fold, false discovery rate <0.05) changes in expression in thymus and bone marrow on CAV infection were mainly associated with T-cell receptor signalling, immune response, transcriptional regulation, intracellular signalling and regulation of apoptosis. "
02/01/2013 - "Because signaling through Slam family receptors can affect innate immunity [natural killer T cell (NKT) and γ-δ T-cell receptor], and innate immunity can determine susceptibility to coxsackievirus B3 (CVB3) infection, the present study evaluated the response of C57Bl/6 and congenic B6.129c1 mice (expressing the 129-derived Slam locus) to CVB3. "
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