B-Cell Antigen Receptors (B Cell Antigen Receptors)

IMMUNOGLOBULINS on the surface of B-LYMPHOCYTES. Their MESSENGER RNA contains an EXON with a membrane spanning sequence, producing immunoglobulins in the form of type I transmembrane proteins as opposed to secreted immunoglobulins (ANTIBODIES) which do not contain the membrane spanning segment.
Also Known As:
B Cell Antigen Receptors; Receptors, Antigen, B-Cell; Immunoglobulins, Membrane-Bound; Immunoglobulins, Surface; Membrane Bound Immunoglobulin; Membrane-Bound Immunoglobulins; Receptors, Antigen, B Cell; Surface Immunoglobulins; Antigen Receptors, B Cell; Bound Immunoglobulin, Membrane; Immunoglobulin, Membrane Bound; Immunoglobulins, Membrane Bound; Membrane Bound Immunoglobulins; Receptors, B-Cell Antigen; Antigen Receptors, B-Cell
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