Xanthene dye used as a bacterial and biological stain. Synonyms: Pyronin; Pyronine G; Pyronine Y. Use also for Pyronine B. which is diethyl-rather than dimethylamino-.
Also Known As:
Pyronin Y; Pyronine G; G, Pyronine; Y, Pyronin; Xanthylium, 3,6-bis(dimethylamino)-, chloride
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Related Diseases

1. Neoplasms (Cancer)
01/01/1990 - "For both Pt(pyronin Y)2 and Pt(thioflavin)2, however, administration of 43 degrees C, 30-min hyperthermia to the tumor immediately after i.p. "
01/01/1990 - "Tumor growth delay studies in the FSaIIC tumor system demonstrated that, as with the in vitro studies, Pt(pyronin Y)2 and Pt(methylene blue)2 were most enhanced by hyperthermia [tumor growth delay increased by 4.8- and 3.0-fold, respectively, vs only 1.3-fold for cisplatin (CDDP)]. "
07/01/1982 - "Pyronin Y (PY) was used, in flow cytometric (FCM) systems, to estimate the RNA content per cell in formalin fixed EL4 leukosis tumor cells, enzyme dispersed R3327-G rat prostatic adenocarcinoma cells, mouse spleen cells stimulated with concanavalin A, and human peripheral blood lymphocytes stimulated with phytohemagglutinin. "
01/01/1984 - "The emission characteristics of "in situ" complexes between some basic fluorochromes (DAPI, 33258 Hoechst, acridine orange, pyronin Y, and ethidium bromide) and nucleic acid containing structures from smears of chicken blood and Ehrlich tumor cells (chromatin, basophilic cytoplasm) are briefly described."
11/15/1983 - "Although most cases were referred with diagnoses other than lymphoma (granulosa cell tumor or dysgerminoma, occasionally anaplastic tumor, Krukenberg tumor, or metastatic breast carcinoma), utilization of sections cut at 4 mu and stained with hematoxylin and eosin, or sections stained by the methyl green pyronine (MGP), naphthol-ASD esterase (NASD) or periodic acid-Schiff (PAS) methods helped bring out the lymphoid or hematopoietic nature of the cells. "
2. Carcinoma (Carcinomatosis)
3. Lymphoma (Lymphomas)
4. Krukenberg Tumor
5. Granulosa Cell Tumor

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