Pulmonary Subvalvular Stenosis (Pulmonary Infundibular Stenosis)

Narrowing below the PULMONARY VALVE or well below it in the infundibuluar chamber where the pulmonary artery originates, usually caused by a defective VENTRICULAR SEPTUM or presence of fibrous tissues. It is characterized by restricted blood outflow from the RIGHT VENTRICLE into the PULMONARY ARTERY, exertional fatigue, DYSPNEA, and chest discomfort.
Also Known As:
Pulmonary Infundibular Stenosis; Infundibular Stenoses, Pulmonary; Pulmonary Infundibular Stenoses; Pulmonary Stenoses, Subvalvular; Pulmonary Stenosis, Subvalvular; Pulmonary Subvalvular Stenoses; Stenoses, Pulmonary Infundibular; Stenoses, Pulmonary Subvalvular; Stenoses, Subvalvular Pulmonary; Stenosis, Pulmonary Infundibular; Stenosis, Pulmonary Subvalvular; Stenosis, Subvalvular Pulmonary; Subvalvular Pulmonary Stenoses; Subvalvular Pulmonary Stenosis; Subvalvular Stenoses, Pulmonary; Subvalvular Stenosis, Pulmonary; Conus, Obstructive Subaortic; Subaortic Conus, Obstructive; Infundibular Stenosis, Pulmonary; Obstructive Subaortic Conus
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Drugs and Biologics

Drugs and Important Biological Agents (IBA) related to Pulmonary Subvalvular Stenosis:
1. Dichlorodiphenyldichloroethane (DDD)IBA
2. monosomy Chromosome 7IBA
3. Complete atrioventricular septal defectIBA