Hematologic Pregnancy Complications

The co-occurrence of pregnancy and a blood disease (HEMATOLOGIC DISEASES) which involves BLOOD CELLS or COAGULATION FACTORS. The hematologic disease may precede or follow FERTILIZATION and it may or may not have a deleterious effect on the pregnant woman or FETUS.
Also Known As:
Pregnancy Complications, Hematologic; Complications, Hematologic Pregnancy; Pregnancy Complications, Hematological; Pregnancy, Hematologic Complications; Complication, Hematologic Pregnancy; Complication, Hematological Pregnancy; Complications, Hematological Pregnancy; Hematologic Pregnancy Complication; Hematological Pregnancy Complication; Hematological Pregnancy Complications; Pregnancies, Hematologic Complications; Pregnancy Complication, Hematologic; Pregnancy Complication, Hematological
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