Polyglactin 910

A polyester used for absorbable sutures & surgical mesh, especially in ophthalmic surgery. 2-Hydroxy-propanoic acid polymer with polymerized hydroxyacetic acid, which forms 3,6-dimethyl-1,4-dioxane-dione polymer with 1,4-dioxane-2,5-dione copolymer of molecular weight about 80,000 daltons.
Also Known As:
Dimethyldioxanedione Polymer with Dioxanedione Polymer; Dioxanedione Polymer with Dimethyldioxanedione Polymer; Poly(Glycolide Lactide)Copolymer; Poly(Lactide-Co-Glycolide); Polygalactin 910; Polyglactin; Vicryl; 910, Polygalactin; 910, Polyglactin; Acid Polyester, Glycolic-Lactic; Glycolic Lactic Acid Polyester; Polyester, Glycolic-Lactic Acid; Glycolic-Lactic Acid Polyester; Poly(Lactide-Co-Glycoside); Propanoic acid, 2-hydroxy-, polymer with hydroxyacetic acid
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01/01/1993 - "An experimental study was designed to compare the efficacy of Vicryl mesh and autogenous fat in minimizing postoperative epidural scar formation. "
01/01/1992 - "Stapler is performed quicker and in a more aseptic way, but the scar resulting from Polyglactin is smaller. "
01/01/2000 - "The important factors that have led to our technical modifications include the following: (1) the significance of the retaining ligaments of the midface, which determine the degree of surgical dissection required for both skin and SMAS in rhytidectomy; (2) the changes in facial shape that occur with aging, secondary to the descent of facial fat; (3) the possibility of modifying facial shape through the repositioning of facial fat in an extended SMAS face lift; (4) the improved longevity of result to be obtained by incorporating Vicryl mesh into SMAS fixation; (5) the artistic nuances of incision design that help to minimize scar perceptibility. "
06/01/2014 - "In contrast, the Vicryl sutures probably failed because the sutures dissolved before a scar was able to fully develop. "
01/01/2004 - "Women should receive a full summary of the repair methods used during their surgery; Women should be counseled as to the risk of delivering another child less than two years after uterine surgery; On subsequent pregnancies after cesarean birth, women should have an ultrasound near the end of the pregnancy looking for evidence of placental growth in the area of the scar and implications of this should be explained; and Vicryl sutures should be used for sewing up the uterus."
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