Nutritional Physiological Phenomena

The processes and properties of living organisms by which they take in and balance the use of nutritive materials for energy, heat production, or building material for the growth, maintenance, or repair of tissues and the nutritive properties of FOOD.
Also Known As:
Nutrition Phenomena; Nutrition Physiological Concepts; Nutrition Physiological Phenomenon; Nutritional Phenomena; Nutritional Physiological Phenomenon; Nutritional Physiology; Nutritional Physiology Concepts; Nutritional Physiology Phenomenon; Concept, Nutrition Physiological; Concept, Nutritional Physiology; Concepts, Nutrition Physiological; Concepts, Nutritional Physiology; Nutrition Physiological Concept; Nutritional Physiology Concept; Phenomena, Nutrition; Phenomena, Nutrition Physiological; Phenomena, Nutritional; Phenomena, Nutritional Physiological; Phenomena, Nutritional Physiology; Phenomenon, Nutrition Physiological; Phenomenon, Nutritional Physiological; Phenomenon, Nutritional Physiology; Physiological Concept, Nutrition; Physiological Concepts, Nutrition; Physiological Phenomena, Nutrition; Physiological Phenomena, Nutritional; Physiological Phenomenon, Nutrition; Physiological Phenomenon, Nutritional; Physiology Concept, Nutritional; Physiology Concepts, Nutritional; Physiology Phenomena, Nutritional; Physiology Phenomenon, Nutritional; Physiology, Nutrition; Physiology, Nutritional; Nutrition Physiological Phenomena; Nutrition Physiology; Nutritional Physiology Phenomena
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