A calcium channel blocker with marked vasodilator action. It is an effective antihypertensive agent and differs from other calcium channel blockers in that it does not reduce glomerular filtration rate and is mildly natriuretic, rather than sodium retentive.
Also Known As:
1A Brand of Nitrendipine; AbZ Brand of Nitrendipine; Aliud Brand of Nitrendipine; Almirall Brand of Nitrendipine; Alpharma Brand of Nitrendipine; Apogepha Brand of Nitrendipine; Azupharma Brand of Nitrendipine; BC Brand of Nitrendipine; Balminil; Basics Brand of Nitrendipine; Bay e 5009; Bayer Brand of Nitrendipine; Bayotensin; Baypresol; Baypress; Bayvit Brand of Nitrendipine; Biomed Brand of Nitrendipine; Dexcel Brand of Nitrendipine; Docpharm Brand of Nitrendipine; Elan Brand of Nitrendipine; Elfar Brand of Nitrendipine; Gericin; Heumann Brand of Nitrendipine; Hexal Brand of Nitrendipine; Jenapharm Brand of Nitrendipine; Juta Brand of Nitrendipine; Jutapress; KSK Pharma Brand of Nitrendipine; Lichtenstein Brand of Nitrendipine; Lindopharm Brand of Nitrendipine; Merck dura Brand of Nitrendipine; Nidrel; Niprina; Nitre AbZ; Nitre-Puren; Nitregamma; Nitren 1A Pharma; Nitren Lich; Nitren acis; Nitrend KSK; Nitrendepat; Nitrendi Biochemie; Nitrendidoc; Nitrendimerck; Nitrendipin AL; Nitrendipin Apogepha; Nitrendipin Atid; Nitrendipin Basics; Nitrendipin Heumann; Nitrendipin Jenapharm; Nitrendipin Lindo; Nitrendipin Stada; Nitrendipin beta; Nitrendipin-ratiopharm; Nitrendipino Bayvit; Nitrendipino Ratiopharm; Nitrensal; Nitrepress; Prevision y Salud Brand of Nitrendipine; Q-Pharm Brand of Nitrendipine; Schwarz Brand of Nitrendipine; Seid Brand of Nitrendipine; Stadapharm Brand of Nitrendipine; TAD Brand of Nitrendipine; Tensogradal; Trendinol; Vastensium; Wörwag Brand of Nitrendipine; acis Brand of Nitrendipine; betapharm Brand of Nitrendipine; corax Brand of Nitrendipine; ct-Arzneimittel Brand of Nitrendipine; nitrendipin von ct; nitrendipin-corax; ratiopharm Brand of Nitrendipine; 1A Pharma, Nitren; AL, Nitrendipin; AbZ, Nitre; Apogepha, Nitrendipin; Atid, Nitrendipin; Basics, Nitrendipin; Bayvit, Nitrendipino; Biochemie, Nitrendi; Heumann, Nitrendipin; Jenapharm, Nitrendipin; KSK, Nitrend; Lich, Nitren; Lindo, Nitrendipin; Nitre Puren; NitrePuren; Nitrendipin ratiopharm; Nitrendipine 1A Brand; Nitrendipine AbZ Brand; Nitrendipine Aliud Brand; Nitrendipine Almirall Brand; Nitrendipine Alpharma Brand; Nitrendipine Apogepha Brand; Nitrendipine Azupharma Brand; Nitrendipine BC Brand; Nitrendipine Basics Brand
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Related Diseases

1. Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
2. Ischemia
09/01/1997 - "The number of L-type Ca2+ channels, measured by nitrendipine binding, was reduced by 21% after 60 min of ischemia. "
02/01/1992 - "Nitrendipine slightly attenuated ischemia/reperfusion-induced decrease in AF. "
01/01/1991 - "The duration of ischemia (37 +/- 43 vs. 5 +/- 9 min, p less than 0.05) as well as the AUC (41 +/- 45 vs. 7 +/- 14 mm/min, p less than 0.05) were reduced only by nitrendipine. "
01/13/1984 - "The beneficial effects for nitrendipine in hemorrhagic shock are likely due to both its vasodilator function and its ability to reduce intracellular Ca2+ accumulation during ischemia, thereby reducing disruption of cell membrane systems."
11/01/1994 - "Group II (n = 6) received SOD 7.0 mg/kg. Group III (n = 6) received nitrendipine 1 mg/kg. Group IV (n = 6) received nitrendipine 1 mg/kg and SOD 7 mg/kg. After administration, both kidneys were rendered ischemic by cross-clamping the renal vessels for 60 min. Comparison of 24-h creatinine clearance (CCr) for 3 days after reversal of ischemia revealed: (a) nitrendipine alone was the most effective in preserving renal function (p < .05); (b) SOD provided some degree of improvement, but only on day 3 (p < .05); (c) a similar result was detected using a combination of nitrendipine and SOD (p < .05); (d) there was no significant difference between SOD and nitrendipine nor between SOD and the combination of nitrendipine/SOD; (e) there was a significant improvement with nitrendipine when compared to the combination of nitrendipine/SOD (p < .05)."
3. Stroke (Strokes)
4. Dementia (Dementias)
5. Albuminuria

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