Melanocyte-Stimulating Hormones (MSH)

Peptides with the ability to stimulate pigmented cells MELANOCYTES in mammals and MELANOPHORES in lower vertebrates. By stimulating the synthesis and distribution of MELANIN in these pigmented cells, they increase coloration of skin and other tissue. MSHs, derived from pro-opiomelanocortin (POMC), are produced by MELANOTROPHS in the INTERMEDIATE LOBE OF PITUITARY; CORTICOTROPHS in the ANTERIOR LOBE OF PITUITARY, and the hypothalamic neurons in the ARCUATE NUCLEUS.
Also Known As:
MSH; MSH (Melanocyte-Stimulating Hormones); Melanophore-Stimulating Hormone; Melanocyte Stimulating Hormones; Melanophore Stimulating Hormone; Melanotropin
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